UAE Real Estate Companies will make MORE and spend LESS with Call Tracking

Are we saying that you can make MORE money… and spend LESS money on marketing? That can’t be right…

But it is.

Digital marketing tools have become an absolute necessity in the real estate market. The problem is real estate companies in the UAE still aren’t using them!

Do you know your target customer? Do you know which marketing campaigns are the most effective? Are you optimizing your marketing and sales budgets!?

If you want to win real estate business in the UAE, you need to follow this simple three-step process for success:

  1. 1. Track phone call data.
  2. 2. Analyze that data.
  3. 3. Implement changes based on this data.

These actions can be the difference between a thriving business, and bankrupt business. But where to start…

Oh right. CallGear.

CallGear software specializes in Call Tracking, using virtual phone numbers to analyze every call, advertisement, marketing campaign, and customer that approaches a business.

But how does it work?

Call tracking, as it implies, tracks each phone call to your business and tells you exactly where your phone calls are coming from by reporting data into your CallGear dashboard.

Virtual phone numbers (a bunch of phone numbers all directed to your one real phone number) are assigned to your ads, webpages, landing pages, anywhere people can find you.

With call tracking, you can discover the geographic location of the caller, demographic information on the caller, but most importantly, which exact source generated the call.

Was it an online advertisement? Was it on Google… or Facebook? Or maybe they called after seeing an offline ad. A billboard, a park bench, a shopping cart. The caller may have also found number from your website, on your landing page, on a contact form.

By understanding the origin of your phone leads, you can completely optimize your marketing budget by focusing on the sources generating the most calls. If Google Search ads are bringing customers by the boatload, but that park bench hasn’t triggered a single call, cut out that wasted spend and invest in ads that work.

4 Benefits of Call Tracking for Real Estate Companies

1. Understand WHO your customer is.

Once CallGear’s call tracking software is implemented into your business, (takes less than 10 minutes to get started), you can instantly track, organize, and analyze data on all of your leads. Where are these application forms coming from? Is it my newspaper ad? My social media ad?

Who is purchasing real estate these days? Is it newcomers? Is it UAE citizens wanting to invest in property? All of this information and more can be found in your CallGear dashboard.

Use this data to focus on the highest quality leads, use it to retarget a certain group of people, use it to refine your brand.

2. Optimize your Marketing Budget

By tracking customers down to their original call source, you can find out which advertisements are triggering the most inbound leads to your real estate business.

That’s right, we can report accurate data on what makes you the most money. It’s that simple.

CallGear will tell you exactly which ads work, and which don’t. Once you analyze this data and see the most effective campaigns, you can completely optimize your marketing budget and bring in more business, by SPENDING LESS MONEY.

It’s your data, take advantage of it.

3. Software Integration

Worried about all the software you use for leads and customers? Well don’t!

With CallGear, we can integrate with your CRM, sales, and/or marketing tools to help organize and qualify every lead in one place.

We’re all on the same team and finding the tools that work best together is a CallGear specialty.

4. Train the Perfect Staff

When you’re able to understand who your customer is, and which marketing sources perform best, you can begin to craft the perfect sales pitch. You’ve got high quality leads, you’ve got the right software, now… your employees need to close. It’s the last piece of the puzzle.

With CallGear’s Speech Analytics tool, you can record, analyze, and transcribe your calls with customers.

Find out which of your real estate agents close the most deals, and how they do it. Retrain your staff accordingly, terminate those that aren’t up to par, and reshape the way your company talks to customers.

Define the voice of your brand and begin making consistent sales.

CallGear Call Tracking will guarantee that you increase your marketing ROI and start making the money your business has been waiting for.

Give CallGear a try today!

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