Virtual Phone Numbers: Which Type Is Right for Your Business?


Virtual phone numbers have become a part of the corporate world thanks to their affordability and easy setup. Companies that are concerned with the quality of their customer support pay a lot of attention to how they can effectively communicate with clients. There are numerous providers of virtual phone number systems, including CallGear. If you are interested in getting these numbers for your company, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your needs.

Represent your business with the right phone number

Phone numbers are not just a selection of 4s and 2s, but they are an important part of your branding as a business. Many different types of phone numbers exist that you can choose based on your budget and the type of company you have. With the help of virtual phone numbers, you are able to overcome limitations related to locations, which is a huge advantage for any business.

Virtual numbers are based on cloud technology, so it’s possible to easily accept calls regardless of where you are in the world. Service providers like CallGear also offer many other call-related features that make it easy to manage your phone calls and analyze the information you get from clients. For instance, you can use a call recording function to hear how your employees work with clients and what strategies truly deliver results. Or, you can see detailed call reports to know exactly how many people called, how long a conversation lasted, and much more.

0800 and 0808 free numbers

Free phone numbers are commonly chosen by different companies and establishments. They are commonly used in advertising and for customer support, as customers don’t have to pay for calls from both mobile phones and landlines. It has been proven that 0800 numbers increase the number of sales for businesses, so it’s only natural that many companies choose this option. When customers run into any problems when making a purchase, it is easy for them to fix this issue by getting in touch with customer support quickly and efficiently.

Local phone numbers

In the United Kingdom, local numbers are those featuring 01 and 02. They are linked to a particular part of the country, whether it’s a city or a small town. Such phone numbers are recognizable and trusted by customers, which is why some companies choose such an option either in addition to 0800 or on their own. The cost of calls on local phone numbers is not high for those located in the same area. Also, the majority of such geographic numbers are part of mobile packages, so most people can call for free.

0084, 0843, 0844, 0845 numbers

Another category of well-known numbers includes those beginning with 084, 0843, 0844, and 845. Such numbers give you a national presence, but they can also be quite expensive to call depending on a phone number of a particular client. It is also possible to choose virtual versions of these numbers to reduce their cost.

0203 numbers

London is the business center of the United Kingdom, so 0203 London phone numbers are highly popular. This number covers the entire capital and it was first added in 2004 in addition to the already existing 0207 numbers. What is great about 0203 numbers is that they make your company look respectable and prestigious. With a virtual phone number, you can get this benefit without renting or investing in a London office. Also, 0203 is included in mobile minutes packages, which is an additional benefit.

0207 numbers

Another number associated with London, particularly with its respectable central part, is 0207. This type of number elevates any business, which is why it is widely sought-after. In the UK, it is surely one of those numbers that you want to make your company look successful, as rent is definitely high in this part of London. Similar to 0203 numbers, you can get 0207 as a virtual phone number with the help of CallGear.

0333 number

This type of number is also listed quite often by different companies. Many establishments choose 033 numbers as a way to save some money, as they work in the same way as 08 numbers do, but are much cheaper. The cost of calls is comparable to geographic numbers and this number is also included in mobile minutes.

How to Decide what type of number your business needs

With the development of virtual phone numbers, it has become easy to choose any number that you want. You no longer need to worry that you are tied to a specific location or that you can only get a certain geographic number. Before deciding on a particular number, it’s a good idea to consider the following:

  • Do you want a phone number to reflect the location of your company?
  • Do you need a number in London?
  • How prestigious do you want a number to be?
  • What kind of numbers do your competitors have?
  • Do you want a number to be free for customers or not?
  • Is it better for your business to have a local number?
  • What is your budget?
  • How many numbers do you need?

Answering these questions will give you an idea of what kind of numbers you should choose for your business. The advantage of virtual phone numbers is that you are not restricted to any region, so it’s up to you to decide what number would be ideal for your particular business. Using modern cloud technologies to your advantage allows you to increase sales without having to invest in any expensive tools.

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