Why College Admission Offices Need Call Tracking

College recruiting has become one of the most challenging processes in the world.

With more and more accredited universities using various marketing tactics to attract students, YOUR job is getting increasingly difficult.

How do you know which students might be interested in your school? Depending on historical statistics is helpful, but you have to know your potential students in REAL TIME.

Where are they from? What do they want to study? How do you get your message across? If you’re a so-called ‘business school,’ why is everybody majoring in law?


Call tracking software can answer all of these questions… and more.

Call tracking can give you real time reports on EXACTLY who is interested in your college, and allows you to re-shift your marketing campaigns towards a specific demographic.

Let’s walk through an example of how it works.


A parent is calling to discuss the amenities of your respective university.

They’re asking rapid-fire questions. They’re concerned about their child. After all, it IS a four-year commitment worth over $200K! 

Now your call handlers better be paying attention. Because not only do they have to reassure the family that this school is the right choice, but they have to answer EVERY question correctly. They have to sell. 


After the call, it’s on them to report all information to the office on their conversation, findings, and how to adjust accordingly. 

Sounds like they could use some help…


A parent is calling to discuss the amenities of your respective university.

Instantly, you can track the original source of the call. That means you can understand the entire path of the caller, as soon as the phone is picked up.

What state are they calling from? What city? Did they find you through email? Your website? Maybe a brochure? 

Using virtual numbers, any incoming call to your office can be broken down geographically, demographically, and linked directly to a specific advertising source.

Now when the parent starts asking rapid-fire questions, your call handlers are better prepared to address their needs.


“You’re from New Jersey? So are 25% of our students! Here are the following methods of transportation to our location…”

“You found our university through email? Then you must have read about our new curriculum! Here’s a quick recap…”


Your call handlers have been able to keep up! But what about when the call ends?

Every call is logged into your call tracking database and the data is analyzed. 

What % of parents are calling from this location?

What % of parents are calling from your email campaign?


With call tracking, you can actually gain in-depth insights into your marketing campaigns. By attaching specific phone numbers to each ad, both online and offline, you discover which ads are working, and which aren’t. 

That means you can manipulate your marketing budget to focus on the ads that bring in the most business. Newspaper ad not cutting it? Gone. Facebook ads the main source of calls? Double the investment!


Know WHO to market to.

Drive more calls and save money. All with call tracking software. 


Another call tracking feature that can bring in more potential students is call recording and transcribing. 

After your call handlers hang up the phone, a recording of that call is transcribed and sorted in a detailed report.

What questions did the parents ask? What concerns did they have? What did they respond to positively? What did they respond to negatively? 

With these findings, you can start to truly grasp your school’s brand, image, and appeal. Parents ALWAYS ask about the internship program. Then give more detailed information on your site! Send updated newsletters! Have your call handlers address that concern right away. 


On the other hand, (or other side of the phone), are your call handlers capable of representing your school?

Do they follow the script and pitch to the best of their ability?

Or is their customer service subpar? Are they slacking off?

Thanks to call tracking you can examine which employees NAIL customer service, and which FAIL customer service. 

Learn which pitches result in a sigh of relief, and which spark a million more questions.

Retrain, demote, or terminate your call handlers accordingly. Your school deserves proper representation and a confident voice. 

It’s time for your university to invest in call tracking. Bring in MORE calls, MORE students, and tell your message the right way. You rarely get a second chance at a first impression.  

If you think you can benefit from call tracking software, give ours a try.


CallGear is an online service that shows where the phone leads come from. With CallGear dashboards you monitor and report your performance in real time. It could be any information like call duration, lead type, lead source or even a reason why a call was missed. 

Clear and simple real-time reporting, call insight with Speech Analytics, and AI powered SmartTag for Inbound Call Qualification.

Whether you’re in admissions, recruitment, marketing, sales or anything and everything in between… better understand your customers. Save money on ads. And make money on conversions. Call tracking will make you happy. 100% Guaranteed. 

Find a software that allows your business to be there for your customers. 

The phone is ringing… are you going to pick it up? (Figuratively speaking of course, I know you will physically pick up the phone if it’s ringing).  

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