IP Telephony for Education: How to Automate Reporting and Free your Managers’ time up to 15% per day: Case Study of the Online School “InternetLesson”

The Customer

“InternetLesson” is an online school that provides remote learning opportunities for grades 1 to 11. The company has a library of video tutorials and school curriculum materials. Upon successful completion of the GIA / Unified State Exam, students of InternetLesson receive a state-recognized certificate of education. The school has over 17,000 students, and the video tutorial library has over 3.5 million unique users per month.

An important feature to note is the school’s emphasis on independent learning. Parents and students can create their own schedule of classes so that the child can combine different studies and their hobbies all together.

The Problem

  1. Controlling remote employees. In April 2020, distance learning spiked from the pandemic, and the school began to receive a major influx of calls. Their call center expanded to 21 people in the department, all remote. 95% of calls were communication with current customers, 5% were incoming traffic from potential new customers. Since the operators work remotely, the manager needed a solution with which to monitor and track the work of their employees.
  2. Optimizing routine tasks. Before CallGear, the manager had to manually calculate metrics to track call performance. A lot of time was spent on routine tasks as opposed to handling customers and calls.
  3. Completing non-fulfilled calls. Some employees did not fulfill the number of calls they were expected to, by 20-30% on average.

CallGear Features Used

CallGear Features Used

The Result

  1. With the help of the CallGear softphone, phone calls became much more convenient. Employees felt comfortable using the web version and had the ability to download daily reports.
  2. Using the “Online monitoring” panel (“Manager’s workplace”), the manager could now see every remote operator’s status in real time: the number of clients on the line, the number of lost clients, employee statuses, etc.
  3. Detailed analytics on phone calls were now automatically generated in reports, so the manager was able to free up 15% of their time per day to do other important tasks: improving business processes, expanding their department, and interacting with other departments of the company.
  4. CallGear helped to correct the situation of non-fulfilled calls. Operators, sending weekly reports, were able to turn this number around. As a result, the school reduced the number of non-fulfilled calls from 20-30% to 0%!

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