The CallGear Classroom: Smart Tagging 101

Welcome to The CallGear Classroom. Here, we’ll discuss and define call tracking terminology in a fun and simple way.

Our goal is for you fully understand how certain call tracking features work, and how they can help your business grow.

Let’s get started!


What is a Phone Call Tagging?

Put simply, call tagging is the process of marking a note during or after a phone call to recall specific information about that call later on.


If a potential or returning customer calls from a social media advertisement, the call-handler would note down that information manually. Eventually, after a significant amount of phone calls, your company would have enough data to analyze how many calls are coming from that specific advertisement, as compared to others.


In the same vein, if your business wants to track the quality of the caller, i.e. potential customer, returning customer, angry customer, spam, etc., your call-handler would note down that data as well.


Which ads lead to calls? How many quality leads stem from inbound calls each month? How many calls are coming from concerned customers? Happy customers?


All of these questions can be addressed and understood through tagging calls and analyzing all of the reported data.

What is Smart Tagging?

As you could imagine, manually tagging each call for information can be an insanely time-consuming task. The call-handler has to spend time noting down every piece of data your company wants to study. This might entail hours and hours of employees going BACK into recorded calls and re-listening, as to not miss any necessary information.


Once all of the information is tagged, you then have to manually ORGANIZE and/or search through every note in order to derive important data and learn about your customers. 


Smart Tagging can do all of these tedious, expensive tasks in no time. And it’s cheaper.


Smart Tagging is a smart neural network that can automatically tag phone calls FOR YOU, based on the rules and conditions that YOU SET.


If for example, you want to tag every phone call that comes from a Facebook advertisement, simply apply this condition to your Smart Tagging functionality and it will report all of the calls that originate from Facebook every time those calls comes in. It will organize this information in your dashboard and gives you vital statistics about your business.


If you want to tag every call every call that comes from an ‘angry customer,’ you can apply this condition to your Smart Tagging functionality and it will categorize the call from one click. You can even use Speech Analytics to tag words and phrases used in specific call recordings.


Smart Tagging filters calls based on the conditions set, so you don’t have to spend time trying to find a specific call recording or transcription. Find what you’re looking for through categories including ads, keywords, location of caller, quality of call, and more. 

Advantages of Smart Tagging

1. Time

Your employees should be using their time to focus on taking care of customers and improving your product or service, NOT constantly listening to call recordings and entering data.


With Smart Tagging, you save hours upon hours of manual note-taking, re-listening to call recordings, organizing information, and searching for specific conversations.

2. Money

Instead of paying employees to do all of these tedious, exhausting tasks, you can spend a fraction of the price on customizable software that will do it for you, FASTER.


Use the money saved to re-invest into your business, based on the data provided from Smart Tagging. 

3. Marketing

By automatically reporting the source of each caller, you can study which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.


If Facebook is generating the most phone calls, shift your advertising dollars to Facebook, and cut wasted spend on those newspaper ads.

4. Quality

When you can analyze the quality of YOUR calls and what customers are saying, you can begin to understand your business from their perspective, and learn how to better convert leads into sales.


What makes customers call? What makes them buy? What do they wish to gain from your product or services?


These insights can help your business grow more than you ever thought possible.

Call Tagging 101: SUMMARY

Let’s conclude with a quick review.

  • Call Tagging is the process of marking a note down to remember specific information from a call 
  • Smart Tagging is when call tagging is automated, depending on conditions YOU set for your calls 
  • You can organize calls by source, keywords, quality, location, and more. 
  • Smart Tagging saves time and money spent on employees manually tagging each call 
  • Smart Tagging improves marketing efforts by tracking which ads generate calls, and helps YOU understand YOUR customers (and make more $$!)

We hope you learned something and we look forward to our next lesson!


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