IP Telephony for Construction: How employees began to work 3X more efficiently: Case “SK Sky”

The main problem of any business that uses telephone communication is missed calls. When it comes to quality of service and high conversion rates, there’s nothing more important than picking up that phone and having a fast response time. It’s also vital that callers reach the right department, and that call center operators comply with all call rules and regulations.

The Client

SK Sky is engaged in apartment renovation and finishing works. SK Sky differs by having outstanding work efficiency and performance, with a strong focus on their customer. SK Sky specialists can provide a whole range of repair and finishing services, including ordering materials and designing projects on a turnkey basis.

The Problem

The company pays great attention to service and communication with customers. However, incoming customer requests were not processed as quickly as they could have been, and were not being sent to the right departments. Because of this, a reliable telephony provider was needed, which would allow them to properly schedule and monitor operators, as well as providing round-the-clock technical support.

Another issue was a lack of understanding of which employees were the highest performing, and how to evenly distribute the workload amongst the staff. Operators at the company were also tasked with calling customers to clarify information on the progress of work and to collect feedback. Since operators work remotely, SK Sky needed a tool that could monitor and track this call data from anywhere in the world.

CallGear Features Used

CallGear Features Used

The Solution

SK Sky implemented CallGear’s call tracking platform. Why?

  • CallGear is one of the largest and most experienced providers on the market.
  • We provide round-the-clock technical support to anywhere in the world.
  • Our platform easily integrates with your CRM.

Using the platform gave SK Sky the following advantages:

  1. With the help of a qualified support manager, we set up suitable call forwarding scenarios to manage and prevent missed calls, and to resolve any customer issue as quickly as possible. The caller says a keyword or request – and the CallGear manager selects and configures the necessary scenario. For example:
    • If the client calls and requests to speak to the foreman, but the foreman cannot answer immediately, the call is redirected to the dispatching office. The client is never put on hold, and an urgent task is created for them in the CRM so that the foreman could call as soon as he’s available.
    • If, after talking with the foreman, the client decided to call back to clarify their information, the call to the company will be automatically directed to the “last employee” to pick up the conversation exactly where they left off.
  2. Monitoring data from calls (for both employees and clients) allows you to control remote operators in the dispatching office. Now SK Sky can always see how busy their employees are, how many calls they answered / initiated, and how much time they spent offline. This helps to identify irregularities and motivates operators to make more calls and improve their performance!

By recording conversations, you can:

  • Analyze and adjust sales scripts for highest call performance
  • Evaluate how employees communicate information at all stages of the funnel (records are attached to customer cards in CRM)
  • Resolve any dispute between the client and the company
  • Determine which employees are underperforming and improve your team!

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