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Call quality

Employee performance

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Customer base segmentation

Tagging is the classification or markup of data by any sort of attribute

This procedure is used whenever a useful piece of information needs to be extracted from a larger group of data. The secretary, for example, is also involved in tagging, when she organizes letters from customers or suppliers.

Arty Dzis | customer success manager

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How it works:


are set in advance and placed with the click of a button during or after a call

You collect

data in the interface by tags: target call, non-target call, repeated call, spam, etc.

You optimize

your advertizing channels to attract more quality leads from inbound calls.

According to Hubspot and research at Topo HQ it takes
18 calls from a salesperson to reach a perspective buyer.

Why use conversation analytics?

Call quality

Tagging helps to understand how many calls come from potential buyers, whether that be per day, per week, and/or per month. 90% of consumers use calls as their primary form of communication with businesses. Therefore both sellers and marketers can truly benefit from understanding and listening to their calls.

Popular tags

For detailed segmentation, one tag can be assigned several tags. For example, "target" tag might be the overarching tag for a target-client, but more specific tags can be: the city or region of the call, the product category, or descriptive labels such as "problem client" or "permanent" tags.


When using call tracking services, having to manually input tags can be extremely counterproductive. Sometimes tags are placed incorrectly, or worse, missed altogether. As a result, the analyst loses accuracy. The next step in the development of tagging is complete automation. We call it SmartTag.

Call tagging allows you to mark calls by type

SmartTag service is a way to automatically collect information about quality calls in order to increase their number in the future, as well as better understand the needs of the target audience and reduce the time from call to sale.

Lina Sanders | product development manager

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Dynamic Call Tracking

In dynamic call tracking, a specific visit to the site (session) is linked to a specific call. This allows for detailed analytics down to a keyword or specific banner. We call it dynamic because a pool of numbers are dynamically assigned to each unique user, then allocated to the channel at the time of the visit.

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